Green Apples


green apples

An installation created for the final show of my residency at the San Francisco Dump. Three TV screens display visual representations of the sounds created by the amplified collander and saw blade in the center of the room. Contact Mics in the collander amplify the sounds of small springs covering the surface of the overturned collander. In the center of the collander a circular VU meter displays amplitude. 6 speakers hidden in the room broadcast the amplified sound to create non-localized sound. Each TV is modified to display a different form of "WobbleVision", the amplified sounds directly drive the CRT in each TV, the visuals are a direct representation of the sounds produced as viewers manipulate the springs and saw blade.

Some video footage here

What was most interesting to me was that I had created a installation
which inspired the audience to interact, with the installation and one another.
People who would have stood silently next to each other gazing at a painting in an art gallery played together like children, exploring the sonic possiblities and the relation between the sounds and visuals. This sense of free exploration and community interaction was inspiring and I hope to create more work that operates on similar principles.



Rebuilt for Reboot:Music at the Tech Museum in San Jose


green apples green apples green apples